About Us

Simplify Your Veterinary Practice Management with Complete Clinic Software."

Complete Clinic Software is a trusted Veterinary Practice Management system that has been serving clinics and hospitals since its launch in 1988. Since its acquisition by CCS, Inc. Brentwood TN in 1994, we have continuously improved and supported the software to meet the evolving needs of veterinary practices.

Used by hundreds of clinics and hospitals, Complete Clinic Software streamlines patient care and business processes. It handles billing, medical record keeping, inventory control, boarding management, and other essential procedures required to efficiently run a veterinary practice.

To enhance your practice further, we offer an optional and affordable eReminder service. This service sends appointment reminders, as well as vaccine and service notifications, to your clients via email and text messages, ensuring they stay informed and never miss an important visit.

In partnership with Patriot Software, we provide discounted full-service payroll processing for our clients. Simplify your payroll operations with our seamless integration and enjoy hassle-free and accurate payroll management.

Additionally, we offer credit card processing at competitive rates. Through our association with Sphere Commerce and the Trust Commerce network, we provide comprehensive card processing solutions, including "Tap to Pay," Chip Reader, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and manual entry. Our user-friendly PaxA920 terminals, powered by Android, make processing payments a breeze.

Our dedicated support team is available via telephone and email to provide assistance. With the ability to remotely connect to your computers, our support agents can address any issues or demonstrate features in real time, ensuring a smooth experience for your practice.

For practices seeking a hassle-free approach, we offer "CCS in the Cloud" service. This enables you to connect to remote servers via the internet, eliminating the need for local server and network maintenance. Simply use a terminal and an internet connection, and let CCS take care of everything else, including frequent backups performed multiple times a day.

Our mission is to provide software and computing services that enable you to focus on efficiently running your veterinary practice. With Complete Clinic Software, you can optimize your operations, enhance patient care, and simplify practice management.